Chandramuki Team: Rajinikanth - P Vasu - Shivaji Productions again

Chandramuki Team
In the year 2005 Chandramuki was released with Superstar Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Jyothika and Nayanthara.

This film was directed by P. Vasu with a budget line of 19 crores, but the movie was a box office hit and had a turn over of 75 crores globally. Our news source says that again Chandramukhi team is going to work in a film.

After Lingaa, questions of who would be the director of the next ‘big film’ in Kollywood have surfaced now. Film-maker P. Vasu’s name is also mentioned along with the names of Shankar and K.S. Ravikumar as the probable director of superstar Rajinikanth’s next film.

It was earlier said that Ravikumar would again get the nod after making the successful Lingaa in quick time. However, reports also spoke of Shankar’s plan to make a sequel to Enthiran: The Robot; though it was said that Shankar would make it with Aamir Khan and not Rajini in the lead, nothing has been done towards launching the film. It now turns out that P.Vasu, who has made successful films in the past such as Panakkaran, Mannan, Uzhaippali and Chandramukhi with Rajini, might get to direct him again.

Vasu put Rajini back in the reckoning after Rajini decided to take a break for few years after the failure of Baba by making the super-duper hit Chandramukhi. Till Rajini says something about who would be the director of his next film, speculations/rumours are bound to be in circulation for some more time.

After the release of Lingaa, director P.Vasu approached Super star with a story line. Rajini was impressed with the story and said he likes to work with P.Vasu.

This film will be produced by Prabhu in the banner Shivaji Productions. Other news related to the shoot and the cast and crew of the movie will be shortly announced by Shivajiproductions.


  1. Mr. Shivagi Rao, allegedly a Bus Conductor (from Bangalore) came allegedly as an economic "immigrant into Tamil Nadu" state, and, Tamil Nadu (Tamils) allegedly gave him:
    - New Tamil name Rajini Kanth
    - Tamils made him into Super Star status (mainly due to Tamil directors using their brain, and Tamil movie goers paid their hard earned money to buy the tickets for his movie)
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    - Tamils made him rich (paid for his work) by buying their hard earned money to converted Tamil superstar
    - Now, the alleged profits goes to out of state and alleged loss goes to Tamil businessmen, IF IT'S TRUE IT'S UN ACCPETABLE. (Note: Endiran was prduced by Tamil businessmen and directed by Tamil director and PROFITS WENT TO TAMILS).
    - It's Tamil culture to be a broad mindedness to accept and apprecitate "any one with good heart & some talent". PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED ?

  2. Nonsense comment ! MGR, Jayalaitha who have had successful run in the industry and later got involved into corruption though have done few good deeds in politics were also not tamils ... How come none points that ?? Prakash Raj a non tamil too produces kannada movies and buys land and properties in different places ..

    Tamils such as Rajender, Satyaraj have done nothing to fellow tamilans .. So why this hue and cry all the time when any news is associated with Rajnikanth ??

    He is the cultural icon of Tamil cinema .. No tamil actor has elevated tamil cinema as Rajni has done .. Including Kamal ..

    No actor had refunded money including Kamal when their movies tanks at BO expect Rajnikanth !

    So stop this kinda piece of crap and start respecting the legend for his contribution ...

  3. Never compare Mr. Rajaini Kanth with The Right Honourable M.G.Ramachandran (born in Sri Lanka for one parent Tamil). In our view, Mr. Rajini Kanth just allegedly uses the Tamil decency for his step up, unlike Mr. M.G.R. or any others. The Right Honourable M.G.R. is multi-talented, he was not just "rolling at the bank with poor people's money. Mr. Kamal Hassan has lots of inter-personal skills. IN OUR VIEW, MR. RAJINI KANTH IS A PRODUCT OF TAMIL DIRECTORS, who had identified his style (it's too old style for this generation) and gave "all the punch dialogues" (thanks to Tamil writers).....TAMIL NADU IS FULL OF TALENTS. We all know the First South Asian to get OSCAR was Honorable Mr. A.R. Rahaman (who is a Tamil). The first Indian missiles were invented by a TAMIL SCIENTIST, Right Honorable Mr. Abdul Kalam from Rameshwaram......Just because we are proud of our achievments does not mean we are against any one else (It's obviously there are lots of talents from each and every community / state). COLLECTIVELY WE ARE ALL SOUTH ASIANS IN THE WORLD'S STAGE.


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