Cheran postpones his innovative Cinema2Home (C2H) plans

JK Cheran
After theatre owners and distributors expressed concern over how filmmaker and actor Cheran’s Cinema2Home (C2H) would affect their profits, he has “postponed” its Pongal launch indefinitely.

Distributors and theatre owners had derailed the release of Kamal Haasan’s Viswaroopam through DTH in 2012, and the same cloud has now rained down on Cheran’s parade.

Cheran’s company had canvassed several lakh homes across the State and had promised to home-deliver DVDs of movies on their release date, for as low as Rs 50.

“We have established a network of 5,000 dealers across Tamil Nadu and began this company to help small producers make a suitable profit on their films. Curbing piracy, which is rampant here, and helping the film industry enjoy good viewership through platforms like DVD, DTH and the internet was our aim. But taking the concerns of the theatre owners and distributors into consideration, we are postponing the launch of C2H for the moment,” said Cheran.

Their first release, for Pongal, was supposed to be Cheran’s JK Enum Nanbanin Vazhkai — which would have found trouble getting screens as Shankar’s I, G V Prakash’s Darling and Vishal’s Aambala have locked up screens. The major problem is believed to be over Cheran releasing his movie on home video without holding a theatrical release.

“Already movies are being pirated and released within a day. If we hand-deliver DVDs to the ‘pirates’ they may send the prints even quicker. Already movies are barely lasting a week. If this happens, only 2-3 days may be possible. Something needs to be done before they try this,” said a theatre owner attached to the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association.

However, the setback is just temporary, assured Nivedha Priyadarshini, Cheran’s daughter and MD of C2H.

“We have invited distributors and theatre owners for talks on January 24 and believe we will be able to convince them of what we stand for. Once the issue is cleared, we will launch. Our partners have been understanding so far,” said Priyadarshini.


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