Ojas Rajani asks transgender friends to calm down on 'I' issue

Ojas Rajani clear statement on 'I' issue
Vikram's I directed by Shankar has been running successfully and the movie has reached Rs.100 crore club after one week of its release. Now, a group of transgenders are protesting against Shankar and I movie.

Ojas Rajani who portrayed the transgender makeup artist, Osma Jasmine in 'I' has issued a clarification press note stating Shankar and I team has no intention of hurting anybody's sentiments.

Ojas Rajani press release follows:

Dear friends , Please do not react in an angry manner as Shankar sir has not tried to demean any character of mine Infact he has shot it estetically and in a beautiful manner its jst a story in a film of love were a character of mine falls in love n reacts in a certain way we r not tryg to offend the transgender friends so please I request u not to be offended Infact v must be proud n happy the film is done well with such a great star cast n superb director am out of INDIA for a shoot do please accept my email correspondence n please put a stop to this anger n rejoice the success of the film God bless u all love n regards Ojas


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