Reason behind Siddharth - Samantha break-up

Siddharth - Samantha
Love stories just don't end after a break up. Not when it's a fairytale romance like the one between Siddharth and Samantha. The story assumes a life of its own even after 'The End'.

Siddharth's latest post on his microblogging page indicates he's going through a tough time. "Even in my darkest hour God gives me hope...," posted Siddharth, sharing the link of a trailer of his Tamil film Enakkul Oruvan.

Coming two days after Samantha said — "I'm not the victim... This is personal," — it seems like Sid was referring to post break-up heartache when talking about "darkest hour..." But does the link he posted hold any clue to what might have led to the split? Industrywallahs think so...

The other woman?

Hearsay is that Siddharth's growing proximity to his Enakkul Oruvan co-star Deepa Sannidhi could have caused the split. "Siddharth and Deepa have been spotted hanging out together quite a few times in the past. Siddharth was instrumental in her bagging the role, and the couple's closeness could have caused the rift," says a source close to Siddharth. But a good friend of Siddharth and Samantha rubbishes these rumors, saying, "Infidelity couldn't be the reason for their split. They got along with each other extremely well and there was romance in the air. The fact that they chose to part ways came as a big shock to us."

All fingers point at Sid

Though everything seemed to be perfect even a couple of months ago, and Samantha was dropping hints about marriage definitely being on the cards, it turns out that not everyone close to Samantha was convinced about this relationship. So it's not really surprising that more fingers are being pointed at Sid at this point in time. "The charmer that he is, Sid keeps a tab on who's the hottest girl on the block. And his constantly wavering attention has left Sam heart-broken," claims a friend. Another source close to the actor says, "Sam has always been very friendly with everyone and that's something that Sid didn't like. I think he got territorial about his girl and even started getting cynical at some point."

It's all still a mystery

To her credit, Samantha has come out with a post break-up reiteration on Twitter that says, "Siddharth is a great guy", but since the two refuse to say anything more, the rumour mills continue to spin. For now, the Sam-Sid break-up saga remains a mystery.


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