Tamil Nadu Cable TV operators on strike to increase tariff

Tamil Nadu Cable TV operators
More than 1.25 crore analogue cable TV homes in Tamil Nadu (except Chennai) will not be able to watch their favourite programmes on 24 January, thanks to the strike by the Tamil Nadu Cable Operators.

The strike, which began at 9 am on 24 January will end at 9 pm tonight. The reason stated for the move is the low cable TV tariff. Currently the analogue cable TV households in Tamil Nadu pay Rs 70 to the local cable operators, of which Rs 20 goes to the government.

“The LCOs are bleeding. While the prices of all goods and services have gone up, it is only the cable TV service whose tariff has come down,” said Chennai Metro Cable Operators Association general secretary MR Srinivasan.

The cable operators are also requesting the government to increase the subscription from Rs 70 to Rs 150 for analogue cable TV services.

“The government hasn’t done any investment on ground for the setting up cable TV system in the state, they are only paying the broadcasters for the pay channels. And without making any investments they are dictating the LCOs to collect only Rs 70 from consumers,” he added.

According to Srinivasan, the multi system operators (MSOs) haven’t been given any compensation for the infrastructure, which went free to the government.

“Even after the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) giving clear guidelines on the tariff on the free to air channels, the government in Tamil Nadu hasn’t adhered to it,” he informed.

While the representatives have met government officials, no decision has been taken as yet.


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