Vijay is next Superstar, says Supreme star Sarathkumar

Vijay Ajith Sarathkumar
Recently a weekly magazine conducted a poll to find the next superstar. After a while it faded on its own as people realized there can only be one Superstar in all time, and that is Rajnikanth.

On the other hand, in a recent interview on Vijay television in Coffee with DD talk show, Sarathkumar spoke of the title again. He said that there is no title called Superstar, and that if we speak of someone even after his demise, for years to come, he is the real Superstar.

There is a huge discussion in social networking platforms about the Tamil hero who is going to be the next superstar after Rajinikanth! Even the poll conducted by Kollyinsider in 2011 for 'Next Superstar' results in Vijay as the winner from fans votes having options of Ajith and Suriya. Now Sarathkumar, Nadigar Sangam’s head has come forward and said that long back he has judged about Ilayathalapathy Vijay being the next superstar.

“During Suriyavamsam’s success function (1997), I told SAC that Vijay will be the next big superstar. I felt something in Vijay that he will become a very big star. When I say Superstar, I'm not comparing him with Rajini sir. There are many controversies on the superstar topic. If you ask me, there is only Superstar in Tamil cinema industry and it is late MGR but during that time I thought Vijay is a star who would come up in a big way" said Sarathkumar in a talk show.

Now Sarathkumar’s comments irked few die-hard Ajith fans while Vijay fans are sharing the speech of Sarathkumar in Facebook/Twitter


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