Vijay to quit social networking — twitter and facebook?

Vijay, who is one of the leading actor and he had a lot of fans in Kollywood industry. His fans always support him.

At this point in the recent past, in social websites such as Facebook and Twitter Ajith and Vijay fans have been continuously fighting among one another.

They are also started comparing their stars with another star and this is increasing in the social networking sites.

It is said that Vijay's son Sanjay who has noted all these things is reported to have conveyed it immediately to the actor to control these things.

And it looks like Vijay will be quitting from the Social networking sites if the fans continue to fight and update hurting status.

He has announced, "In social websites the status should be updated without hurting anyone, if this violence continues i will quit from twitter. This is the warning to his fans", he said.


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