Vikram’s ‘I’ collects almost ₹ 200 Crores, overtakes Kaththi, dominates Andhra Box-Office

Vikram's "I" continues its dream run at the box office. "I", which was released on 14 January, has earned more than 197 crore rupees as per the sources.

(Pic: Vikram & Vijay in I movie Success party)
In Tamil Nadu the film collected more than 65 crore rupees and in Andhra the dubbed version has collected 40 crore, in Karnataka 12 crore, Kerala 15 crore and in other states the film has collected five crore rupees.

The Hindi version of the movie has collected rupees 20 crore with the total collection of 197 crore rupees. With the collection of more than 197 crore rupees the film is ahead of Kaththi which overtook Endhiran’s collection, says some sources.

As per traders, "I" is the biggest hit of Vikram's career and it is the second biggest movie in Kollywood after Rajinikanth's "Enthiran" at the box office. However, considering the huge investment made by the makers of the movie, the profit margin is pretty less.
The movie should have a good run in theatres for at least 10 more days to become a big hit at collection centres.

Shankar’s ‘I’ movie has continued to dominate the Andhra Box Office. ‘I’ movie has dominated Gopala Gopala, starring Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan, collections at the box office in Andhra.

Super Good Films have reportedly bought theatrical rights of the Telugu version of "I" for a whopping rupees 39 crore.

They have recovered over 50% of their investments from its screening. Also the movie is expected to return another 25% to 30%.


  1. Only Shankar can break his own record. Enthiran's success was due to too many STAR powers ; 1. HONOURABLE MR. SHANKAR (his trade mark) 2. MS. AISWARIYA RAI 3. SUN TV PROMO 4. In our view, may be 20% of Mr. Rajini Kanth's star power........................whereas, "I" movie is Honourable Mr. Shankar & Honourable Mr. VIKRAM's true skilled acting / CHARM.....

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  2. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAN best comedy artical of the year I movie is total flop the artical itself says 50% money recovered so its flop and kathi producer never said it collected 197 cr in any interview , suttv group declare enthiran collected 215cr in its yearly balanc sheet , shanker looted A.M.Rathnam in boys now its oscar turn oscar ravichandran ur game is over u may need rajni movie to bail u out

    1. In our view, Mr. Rajini Kanth should retire or act as DAD roles, since his movies are old school thus cannot survive on his "star power alone", he needs Honourable Mr. Shankar and Ms. Aiswariya Rai's star powers, Honourable Mr. A.R. Rahaman star power plus SUNTV promo, IN ORDER FOR HIS MOVIES TO make PROFIT. IN GENERAL, PEOPLE SHOULD GO WITH THEIR AGE (e.g. Take Honourable Mr. Amitabh Bachan, or late Honourable Mr. Shivagi Ganesan, they all took DAD's roles). If you take Honourable Mr. Kamal Hasan, he does A-Z of the movie (all by himself, due to his multi-talents and creativity), but in our view, Mr. Rajini Kanth may only has the "style and listen to director, yes sir type" (now his so called style is very OLD SCHOOL).


  4. In our view, Tamilians have great "diversified" talents (not just pretty people):
    e.g. Current Movie industry
    Mr Kamal Hasan - Handsome + multi-talented + capable of multi-tasking
    Mr. A.R. Rahaman - First Indian (Asian) to win OSCAR + in Hollywood now (on and off), but never forget to mention in Tamil at Oscar Award (ella pugalum eraivanukai).
    Mr. Ilaiyarajah - No word to his talent
    Mr. Shankar - The man with great engineering talents / with vision (endless creativity)
    Mr. Ajit - Handsome + could even act in rough roles like 0007-James Bond movies
    Mr. Vijay - Soft next door person + very normal life (stress free acting to viewers) acting
    Mr. Dhanush - He is an extra ordinary + great potential with true feeling to his mother tongue / mother land
    Mr. Vikram - Handsome + multi talented + dedicated hard work
    Mr. Simbu - Handsome + take it easy type + very talented (when he get serious)
    Ms. Radika - Beauty queen (one time) + very industrious person + very screwed business women aswell
    Ms. Trisha - Beauty queen + very talented (her acting is stress free on viewers) + exceptional person
    Ms. Shuruti Hasan - The most beautiful kid + going to do wonders in future + very truthful to father's home turf
    Mr. Vikram - The man who is still young, but gave pride to Tamil Nadu chennai team
    Mr. Vishnu - Still young and have lots of talents, and will give good movies for long time + gave good pride to Chennai team
    Ms. Sri Devi- She gave the pride to her state she grew up (one parent is Tamil)
    Ms. Reka - She gave pride to her father's state (one parent is Tamil)
    Ms. Hema Malini - She gave pride to her state (I think both parents are Tamil)
    Ms. Samantha - She is very truthful her home state she grew up and good future (one parent is Tamil)

    Honourable Mr. Abdul Kalam - Gave the first "missile to India" - born Tamil Nadu with mother tongue Tamil
    Honourable Mr. Moorthi - CEO software gian (don't want to mention his multi-national company'S name)
    Honourable Mr. Radha Krishnan - Former ESTRO head (re. MARS project)
    List goes on......

    Eventhough we speak about in-house talents (who had contributed to the well being of not just Tamil Nadu but all of India), but we Tamilians also appreciate "other people's talents" and welcome them. Our medium of communication is 'talent". We have great respect for Mr. Amitab Bachan, Mr. Abhishek Bachan & Ms. Aiswaria Rai, Mr. Sharu Khan, Mr. Salman khan, Mr. Kirthik Roshan and so on....their medium of communication is "talent" aswell.

    Sorry, I couldn't list them all, we like Ms. Luxmi Rai, Ms. Kajol Agarwal, Ms. Sonia Agarwal and so on...



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