Anegan opens to positive reviews from audiences

"Anegan" is a romantic-thriller directed by KV Anand. The prime attraction of the movie will be Dhanush's varied looks, which have caught the audience's attention. The movie has been listed as one of the most expected film of the year.
Yet another creamy factor in this movie will be the inclusion of yester year hero “Karthik”, this will be an interesting inclusion with the film’s teaser pictures featuring both the actors. For the female pair newbie Amrya Dastur has been roped in who is said to be taking Tamil classes to perfect her role.

The film is written by SuBha. Harris Jeyraj teams up with KV Anand yet again, and all of their previous flicks were blockbusters in musical aspect too. Om Prakash will take the lensman responsibility for this movie which is being produced by AGS Kalpathi group. All the ingredients of this movie sum up to become one of the most hyped yet anticipated flicks, and hopefully will serve the purpose.

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Critics Review
The movie and gets rave reviews from Critics, Kollyinsider brings you the one-liners from critics for the movie.
    A well engineered psychological thriller, might make merry
    Siddharth Srinivas (7/10)
    Beyond ordinary - Love of a long, long time, finally complete in action
    Indiaglitz (6/10)
    An entertainer that will keep you engaged.
    Behindwoods (6/10)
    Engaging... Narrative technique and interesting screenplay keep things moving at a brisk pace
    Rediff (5/10)
    A complex story told simplistically.
    Sudhir Srinivasan, The Hindu
    Go for it, it guarantees entertainment.
    Mishmash of many films that one has seen over the years
    Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times (4/10)
    Pure camp but also a hugely entertaining one
    M Suganth, TOI (8/10)


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