Due to strong criticism, Mohanlal offers to return the money

Malayalam actor Mohanlal, who has been criticised heavily in the social media over the performance of his music band 'Lalisom' at the inauguration of the National Games, has said he would return the hefty fee he had charged.

In a letter to the Kerala government, Mohanlal wrote he had been "pained by the strong criticism" and wishing to stay out of controversy, was ready to return the Rs. 1.63 crore fee.

Mohanlal and his band had been under fire for allegedly giving a poor performance despite heavily charging the state government. Since Saturday, when the inauguration of the National Games took place, his official blog has been flooded with criticisms. There were even allegations that the performance was lip-synced.

The social media had erupted in protest, with prominent personalities vehemently criticizing the show and it had snowballed into a campaign demanding that Mohanlal return the money.


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