Lyricist Thamarai protests to find her missing husband

Lyricist Thamarai protests to find her missing husband
Tamil lyricist Thamarai, who is popular for her work in films such as "Minnale" and "Yennai Arindhaal", says she has decided to launch a protest to find out the whereabouts of her husband who went missing a few months back.

Thamarai staged a protest on Friday with her son to locate her husband Thyagu.

"I don't know if he's missing or has absconded. It's been nearly six months since I've seen him. I haven't filed a police complaint yet because I'm not sure if he's missing or has gone into hiding," Thamarai told IANS.

"My husband was actively part of some Tamil activists group. I've been told that he had joined some Tamil Islamic group and has filed for talaq (divorce), which I can't accept. I am shocked about it. But these are only according to hearsay because I don't exactly know what is his problem," she said.

Thamarai, who got married in 2002, is protesting outside her husband's office.

"I'm not going to move from this place until I find him. I came here hoping to find him but his office is locked. I don't know where else he could've gone," she said.

Lyricist Thamarai who was introduced by director Seeman in Iniyavale, later gained fame with her unique style of writing. She has worked in all Gautham Menon's movies from Minnale to the recently released Yennai Arindhaal. She is known for avoiding English in Tamil Lyrics.


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