SJ Suryah love to work with Vijay again

SJ Suryah Vijay
S.J. Surya's long awaited film 'Isai' released recently and received good reviews from audiences and critics. Savithri, is the female lead in the movie and Sathyaraj plays in a vital role. With this film Director and actor SJ Surya has taken an incarnation as the film's composer.

SJ Surya, happy at the response from his fans and movie-goers, has said that only film he loved directing is with Vijay, as on date. “I liked Kushi and had a good rapport with Vijay; no doubt I would love to work with him soon enough!” he said. S.J. Surya directed the critically acclaimed movie 'Kushi', where Vijay played the lead role and it was a super hit.

Regarding this, he explained that, “It has been 10 years since I and Vijay worked together and I'm very happy that he released the audio of my film. I would love to collaborate with him once again to give a hit venture".

Surya, who has directed the likes of Ajith and Vijay in the past, hasn’t been making many Tamil films of late. In fact, this is Surya’s first directorial venture in Tamil after a decade as his last film as director was Anbe Aaruyire which faced many controversies for its original title(s). As if renewing his friendship with Surya, Vijay took part in the recently-held audio-launch of Isai; the duo was also spotted in Shankar’s Nanban a few years back when Surya played a guest role in it.

Speaking about making a film with Vijay again, Surya said, “It has been more than a decade since I directed Vijay; however, I’m extremely happy that he accepted my invite and released the audio of Isai. I would soon love to make another film with him in the lead; nothing has so far been worked out in this regard,” he added.


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