Yennai Arindhaal opens with positive response from audiences

Yennai Arindhaal Movie Review
Thala Ajith is back with a tough cop role in 'Yennai Arindhaal'. The much awaited combo is here and lets see if Yennai Arindhaal has the sensuous Gautham Menon's touch with Ajith's charismatic daredevil stunts.

Ajith has romanced two young ladies Anushka and Trisha in Yennai Arindhaal. For the first time in his career, Arun Vijay has played a handsome baddie role with chiseled body in Yennai Arindhaal.

After a quite hiatus Harris Jayaraj and Gautham Menon teamed up for this Ajith starrer.

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Ramesh Writes
#YennaiArindhaal - 1st half over.. #Thala - @trishtrashers - #Anushka scenes r class.. #Thala as #SathyaDevIPS scenes r Mersal Mass..
#YennaiArindhaal : Its a Dir #GVM's movie in which he has extracted best class acting from #Thala #Ajith and also effectively used his Mass!
#YennaiArindhaal : #Thala #Ajith delivers an outstanding, award-winning performance.. He has lived all his 3 to 4 age variant get-ups..
#YennaiArindhaal : #Thala 's Mass Acting comes out on top as the Man of Honour Police Officer - #SathyaDevIPS - He adds dignity to da role..
#YennaiArindhaal : #Thala #Ajith and @trishtrashers portions r a delight to watch.. We havn't seen #Thala in that kind of role 4 a long time
#YennaiArindhall : The father - daughter relationship has come out beautifully.. #Thala delivers an emotionally charged performance as dad..
#YennaiArindhaal : After #Thala, it's @arunvijayno1 who steals the show in his career best performance.. A good villain elevates the hero..
#YennaiArindhaal : @trishtrashers looks very beautiful and has performed admirably as well in romantic scenes with #Thala and as a carin Mom
#YennaiArindhaal : #Anushka has a gud role too.. @Jharrisjayaraj 's BGM & @danmac711 's camera work r top notch.. @Actor_Vivek does well too
#YennaiArindhaal : Finally Dir #GVM has put his best foot forward.. He was in tough situation b4 YA.. He has come out as as winner..
#YennaiArindhaal : My rating wud be 3.75/5 Stars.. Happy to see #Thala #Ajith 's acting in a different format movie by a Class Dir #GVM :-)
Story is good - what happens to a Man at diff stages of his life.. I think post-censor editing has made the screenplay racy.. @heyprem26

TS Suresh Posts
#YennaiArindhaal - Brilliant second half! #Thala nailed it! Anbuchelvan IPS + DCP Raghavan = Sathyadev IPS! Thank You @menongautham Sir! :-)
Half way through #YennaiArindhaal! Loving it! As expected perfect blend of class & mass! One of #Thala's best! #GVM is back in style! :-) Writes
#Trisha is absolutely gorgeous and captivating as #Hemanika #YennaiArindhaal @trishtrashers @ShakthiGalatta @crvgalatta @YennaiArindhaal
#Sathyadev and #Hemanika scorch the screens with their heart touching romance.#YennaiArindhaal @trishtrashers @ShakthiGalatta @crvgalatta
#YennaiArindhaal awesomatic interval block... DCP #Sathyadev rocks...@YennaiArindhaal @trishtrashers @arunvijayno1 @ajithFC @ThalaFansClub
Sidhu Writes
#YennaiArindhaal: The strong cast, stellar cinematography and the taut screenplay & execution are the plus points. Fantastic second half.
#YennaiArindhaal: Sublime. GVM and Thala Ajith deliver a solid and satisfying action thriller. I'm impressed!
#YennaiArindhaal Interval: Dhawan at the start, Dhoni at the halfway point. #Ajith in an all new avatar with lil surprises here and there.

Kirubakaran Kalai Posted
#YennaiArindhaal is more of a Entertainer not a classic cult like Vv and kk but nevertheless 3.5/5
watched Untrimmed version of #YennaiArindhaal still found it very Racy , Glimpses of Kk and vv here and there 1/2

Anurag Akash Tweeted
#YennaiArindhaal Thrilling first half with a bang on interval. Secnd half lacks pace wen compared to frst half.
Thala Strikes Hattrick

Ajay Tweets
#YennaiArindhaal *halfway* - slow in parts but the speed picks up significantly. Satisfied with the progress. #Thala show all the way.
#YennaiArindhaal - perfectly executed second half that is convincingly satisfying. #Thala makes it look too easy.
#YennaiArindhaal - 3.75/5. Convincing and satisfying hat-trick for Menon, with Ajith controlling the show all the way

Muhammed Ariff Tweeted
Watched #YennaiArindhaal in Dubai!!! Thala did well! Arunvijay & trisha rocks!!!being a thala fan I expected lot!!! But bit disappointed!!!
#YennaiArindhaal will satisfy fans as well as the family audience. But the negative part is most scenes are reminds GVM previous movies.
#YennaiArindhaal The Romance scenes between Ajith &trisha are top notch. The conversation between Ajith & Arunvijay major highlights.
#YennaiArindhaal overall neat thriller movie for all type of audiences..but this is not career best movie for both Thala & GVM.

Shan Posted
I'm stunned! Visuals are amazing to go with the incredible music #YennaiArindhaal
GVM is back after a series of 3 flops movies. #YennaiArindhaal is great.
#YennaiArindhaal is one of the best movie in #Ajith's career with amazing performances and such a cool style.
#YennaiArindhaal - On the downside: the duration of the movie & some scenes are very slow...

Manishi Posted
Just watched #YennaiArindhal at Jordan. Disaster movie. Disappointed with Ajith selection of the script. Mediocre direction
The scene where thala kicks the guys when coming out of the railway station is top notch. He excels with mannerisms #YennaiArindhaal

Venkat Wrote
#YennaiArindhaal mixed feeling!!! 3.25/ it for ajits new avatar& arun vij-real hero
#YennaiArindhaal ajit fits in te character perfectly..cud hav been lot more better..his physique doesn't match arun vijay in action scene
#YennaiArindhaal lot of traces of gvm prev mov..same hero mannerism.. Upper class stylish but traditional women, ajit looks different
#YennaiArindhaal good content but slow paced mov..entertains u in parts..Trisha rocks..anushka asusual
#YennaiArindhaal where near vv or time watch.. Drags bigtime in 2nd half,a we sum climax..arunvijay is mass..ajit looks soft
Kishore Posted
#YennaiArindhaal - A film to enjoy, rejoice both as a Thala fan nd as general public. An out and out family entertainer frm #GVM nd team :)

Ramnisha Posted
Half way through #YennaiArindhaal ...Ayyo Ayyo Movie DIK DIK nu iruku....MANY UNEXPECTED MOMENTS.ARUN VIJAY PINDRAR.AJITH GAVE MANY TWIST
Over.Mindblowing First half.My Dad also smiles. Ajith Sir voice against arun is gigantic..Is this Ajith voice? ....#YennaiArindhaal
Finished Second Half.Thoroughly Enjoyed with Family #YennaiArindhaal.Thank you for Wholesome Movie.Harris u Background king lv you. 1/2
Romantic portion between Trish and Thala is Top Notch.Arun vijay do bright attempt.Emotional Second half make u cry #YennaiArindhaal
Enaku Rating lam poda theriadu friends..Movie Deserve 9 out of 10... #YennaiArindhaal

DinuAkshaya Posted
Interval Time Baby ! So Far So Good ! Semma Screenplay With Some Twists Action & Love Package ! Thala Theri Acting #YennaiArindhaal
Arun Vijay Did His Part Very Very Well ! Anushka & Ajith.. Trisha & Ajith Love Scenes Heartmelting Moments r der too #YennaiArindhaal
2nd Half Fully Action Packed Mixed With Father Daughter Sentiment ! #YennaiArindhaal
My Final Verdict ! Blockbuster Confirmed ! Happy Tears Thala Mersal Acting Not only Ajith fans Everyone Vl love it #YennaiArindhaal
Der are Many Heart melting Moments ! Anushka & Trisha Did der part ! @arunvijayno1 Was So Good !HJ BGM Vera Level but Thala Steel d Show #YA

Inthiqab Omer Wrote
done with first half its all about Thalas screen Presence Sathyadev as a cop top notch Adharu Adharu song picks up big time #YennaiArindhaal
I wont reveal anything GVM did movie in own style, Loves scenes as usual in his arc expecting something radical in 2nd half #YennaiArindhaal
Lovely Ranjith Posts
Thrilling first half with a bang on interval. Secnd half lacks pace wen compared to frst half but its Thala show all the way wit sme rocking

Vikas Posts
#YennaiArindhaal first half over.Racy, Stylish n Can't take your eyes off for a second.simply put maranamass.Ajith in a complete new avatar.

#YennaiArindhaal First Half review from #Malaysia Preview show
#Stylish & #Thrilling with a Superb Interval Block.""

Anjan Perinparajah Tweets
Premiere show started #YennaiArindhaal #Thala #Ajith
#YennaiArindhaal going really well with mass scenes for #Thala
The flashback with full of whistles
@trishtrashers looking gorgeous in #YennaiArindhaal
@Actor_Vivek getting equal celebrations from #Thala fans #YennaiArindhaal
#GVM touch in the dialogs amazing
#Thala #YennaiArindhaal


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