Enakkul Oruvan receives positive review from critics and audiences

Enakkul Oruvan Public Talk
CV Kumar's Thirukumar Entertainments presenting Enakkul Oruvan with Siddharth and Deepa Sannidhi in the lead roles has hit the big screens this Holi festival day world wide.

Directed by debutante Prasath Ramar, Siddharth's Enakkul Oruvan is Kannada superhit Lucia Tamil remake. Enakkul Oruvan has opened to rave reviews from the audiences and critics.

Performances by the proven stars along with story line and narration are said to be the highlights of Enakkul Oruvan. The new film maker, Prasath also appears to have got good support from musician Santosh Narayan and DOP Gopi Amarnath.

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Critics Review

Convincing product and the result is positive
Siddharth Srinivas (7/10)
Brave and unique attempt, clear cut winner because of a fantastic team work
Avinash Gopinath (7/10)
With a lucid screenplay, Lucia-remake could have been better
Behindwoods (6/10)
Engaging tale of dream and reality
Indiaglitz (7/10)
A knockout conceit, a middling movie
Baradwaj Rangan (The Hindu)
A neat work on dream and reality
Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times (6/10)


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