Komban controversy: Film re-censored and releasing with U/A on April 2nd

Karthi’s Komban which has been mired in controversies has finally got a UA certificate from the censors.

For the last one week the film has not been issued certificate as Puthiya Tamilagam Dr. Krishnasamy MLA has been insisting that the film should be banned.

Dr Krishnasamy has alleged that the film “will create communal tension in southern Tamil Nadu, as the film highlights a particular caste and run downs another caste.” In a statement Dr.Krishnasamy said that the film “should be banned like Dam 999 in Tamil Nadu.”

Tamil activist Seeman has issued a strong statement supporting Karthi's Komban and condemned Puthiya Tamilagam party's Krishnasamy for using cinema for his own political ambition.

Seeman said " I'm ready to watch Komban along with Krishnasamy and if the film really degraded the scheduled community, I will join him in the protest but asking to ban on a movie before the release is unethical".

Seeman asked in his statement: "The literal meaning of Komban is big shot or someone who is on top, even the elephant's name in Kumki (2012 film) is Komban, does it mean that the elephant belongs to Thevar community?"

Seeman also condemned Krishnasamy for targeting big star movies to gain publicity. " Years ago Krishnasamy condemned Kamal Haasan's Sandiyar and the legendary actor changed the title as Virumandi but recently a small time actor's film got released with the same name (Sandiiyar) but to everyone's surprise there was no protest from Krishnasamy.”

Meanwhile a Madurai court asked the producers of the film to arrange a special screening of Komban to Dr.Krishnaswamy. The film is now gearing up for a big release on April 2. A 10-member expert committee appointed by Madras HC will watch the movie tomorrow (March 31).


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