Prabhu Deva’s new lover actress Tejaswini

prabhu deva new lover tejaswini
According to grapevine, ace choreographer-director Prabhudeva is in love again. After his much-reported and much-publicized break-up with actress Nayantara, choreographer-turned-filmmaker Prabhu Deva shifted base to Mumbai for two reasons.
One was to concentrate on his Hindi film projects and the second was obviously to stay as far away as possible from media-persons in Chennai who were pestering him with queries on his affair with Nayantara.

There appears to be a new breeze blowing in Prabhu Deva’s life in the form of Tejaswini Prakash, a popular Kannada actress. Prabhu Deva, who comes frequently to Bangalore and Chennai to throw parties, was in Chennai recently where he hosted a party. A few close friends from within and outside the industry were invited to the party, Tejaswini Prakash being the prominent figure among them.

Prabhu Deva introduced Tejaswini to the other participants in the party. Rumour mills obviously went to work claiming that she is the new ‘love’ in Prabhu Deva’s life. Speaking to newsmen recently, Tejaswini said “I have known Prabhu Deva for a long time now and am always in touch with him all these years. It was only a coincidence that I happened to be in Chennai when he arranged a party and asked me to take part in it.”

“Our relationship doesn’t expect anything from the other; it’s a relationship sans any sort of expectations. We are, no doubt, close to each other,” said Tejaswini. Media-persons say that there is something more to it than meets the eye!


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