Tamannaah strickt in her policy, no kissing and bathing scenes

Tamanna kissing and bathing
The shooting of the Telugu film Baahubali which had Tamannaah in an important role has come to an end.

Now she is donning the female lead role in a film titled Bengal Tiger. She is also acting in a Tamil film.

When she spoke about the actresses who are acting in kissing and bathing sequences, she said, “When I took up acting I was firm about two things.

One is that I will not act in lip locking sequences and other is I will not act wearing swim suits. I am following this till now. Many producers and directors force me to act in kissing or bathing sequences on the grounds that story demands it.

I don’t accept that. At any cost I will not compromise myself on this. Many may ask that other actresses act in such sequences. I have nothing to comment about them. It is their wish. As far as I am concerned I feel that acting in these types of scenes is wrong. Hence i will not act in these sequences.”


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