Anushka video going viral in social network

The social medias are full of bizarreness. Cyber bullying is especially ferocious across various film industries.

The videos and pictures of celebrities are leaked on the internet and they guarantee a viral spread. Mostly it helps promoting movies, personalities and celebrities, but videos claiming private moments are becoming a serious threat to female actors.

Actor Anushka has now been a victim of such act which includes a long list of other actors like Hansika, Radhika Apte, Vasanthara, Lakshmi Menon etc.

Few days back,we have seen a nude video of Hansika doing rounds on internet. The video has the actress removing clothes and going to bath and later getting into dress. Hansika had slamed that it is not she in the video and requested to stop those rumors.

According to the media buzz, a nude video of Anushka is doing rounds on Whatsapp. They say that, the video is shot while Anushka is changing dress in Caravan. It is not yet confirmed the girl in the video is Anushka or someone resembling her. In recent days,with new technology,morphing also became a threat.

Some reports claim, the video claims to feature Anushka with actor Aarya in compromising positions. Both Aarya and anushka are currently working together for "Inji Iduppazhagi" a Tamil feature. They are also busy with quite a number of projects. Anushka especially is expecting big releases like Rudramadhevi and Bahubali. She is also working on "Size Hero", which is simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu.

If the video turns out to be real,then we have to conclude that,our heroines do not have proper security in shooting locations. If this is the case with high profile ladies ,then what about ordinary women? Yes ,they are definetly in danger. So girls be Careful in a trail room of Showrooms.

Update: It is said that the female in the clip resembles Anushka Shetty. The clip seems to be an extract from an adult movie, which has been spread by pranksters.


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