Bharathiraja about ‘Kuttram Kadithal’

“My directorial venture ‘Nizhalgal’ was a mess at the box office. It pushed me not to do expertiments.
But I always had the longing that someone should do films that etches international standard. Now am very happy that Today, 50% of the youngsters are entering cinema are coming with scripts of world class.”, started Director Bharathiraja.

On his notes on the National award winning film JSK Film Corporation’s ‘Kuttram Kadithal’ directed by Bramma G he said “ The script have got all the more meaningful title ‘ Kuttram Kadithal ‘( The Punishment ). The film hasn’t compromised on any way with the story and the characterisation. The script and characters where sketched by the Writer with utmost care without adding any spice to it as a regular cinema personnel. Bramma G has transformed himself as the characters he was writing. It is only possible with a writer.“

“Kuttram Kadithal’ is not just a marvel of Bramma , the actors too have made a mark with their ‘closer to real’ performance. Debutant actress Radhika was so apt the character of a young teacher. Her acting and her eye movement was mesmerizing. The little chap Ajay, with no place to inhibitions he handles the art of acting so ease. What else you could say if you find a cast that is so realistic to the character he/she plays. Yes , Pavel Navageethan .fills the frame with his presence as a maternal uncle to Ajay. We would have seen many actors who could act but the whole cast in the film lived through out the film.”

“ Music Director Shankar Rengarajan was rendering the music without being an hindrance to the emotion of the scenes. He has tried out variety with the music. The way the song Bharathiyaar’s ‘Chinnansiru Kiliye’ composed and picturised with a abstract thinking is world class.”

“Having all the respective department’s contribution in control Bramma have directed the script with elegance. Director Bramma is truly a great creator than me” signed off the doyen Director Bharathiraja.


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