Kamal Haasan-Shruthi Haasan affection on the stage

Kamal Haasan and Shruthi Haasan's affection over the stage
Kamal Haasan and his little princess Shruthi attended Vijay awards and shared some loving moments like in the pic at the occasion.

Firstly, the father and daughter are seen with some naughty expressions. Generally no other movie stars with their daughters are seen this way in the past. It shows the affection and love a father has on a daughter.

In fact Kamal was never considered as a strict father by both the daughters. He is always seen very friendly in all the public occasions and it was even heard from Shruthi saying that her father is the best friend and companion in all the situations of her life.

Generally except Bollywood, there is a talk on other language star heroes that they would not prefer their daughters to come into films but Kamal is completely against it and allowed her two daughters to lead their life their way. Along with the films, Shruthi performed dances in many stage shows and Kamal never objected it. This is the other loving pic that reflects the affection and love on his daughter who is his best friend.


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