Revathi to direct after two years

Revathi to return to film direction in two years
Actress-filmmaker Revathi, who last went behind the camera in 2010 with the short story "Parcel" in the anthology "Mumbai Cutting", says she will return to directing movies in the next two years.

"I have not decided on the subject of my next film, but yes, in the next two years, you will see me directing a film. I don't decide that I want to make a film on this or that, if a story comes to my mind it depends on how it develops. It will be just another story," Revathi told.

Apart from films, the actress is also involved in a variety of social causes, and has also served as a member of several film festivals including the Chennai International Film Festival and the International Film Festival of India.

The 48-year-old, who directed "Phir Milenge" and is remembered for acting in Salman Khan-starrer "Love", says the superstar has not changed as a human being.

"He has never changed, he is good at heart and a wonderful human being. Nothing has changed in him. When we did 'Love', he was just 21, and was very young. After that he did 'Phir Milenge' with me," she said.


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