T.Rajendar demands Rs.1 Crore from 'Romeo Juliet' for 'Dandanakka' Song

We all know that T.Rajendar was upset with 'Romeo Juliet' team for using his famous dialogue 'Dandanakka' in a song.

Written by 'Danga Maari' fame Rokesh, 'Dandanakka' song which was sung by Anirudh and Music by D.Imman was already a huge hit among yousters. His trademark ‘Dandanaka’ has become viral and people have started associating that phrase with TR. The song, obviously didn’t go down well with TR as he filed a complaint against Romeo Juliet makers and sued them for defaming him.

T. Rajendar has sent a legal notice, claiming a compensation of `1 crore, to producer Nandagopal, music director Imman, lyricist Rokesh and Anirudh, who has sung the song. He also demanded to remove the song from YouTube at once.

Producer Nandagopal confirmed that the music director D Imaan has received a legal notice. The producer said,” Yes, Imman has got the legal notice, but we are yet to get it. All we are trying from our end is to meet TR sir and show him the song that we have shot, to sort things out amicably. We heard through his sources that he had issues with the part of the song in which we have used quotes from his interviews. After we learnt about it, we have removed those bits from the song and it won’t be there in the film as well. While recording the song, we didn’t expect these problems. In fact, the lyrics have been written in praise of TR and definitely we did not intend to hurt him. We thought he would take it in the right spirit. We really don’t want to make money out of defaming somebody. We hope TR sir understands us. And as for the legal notice, we are currently working on a suitable legal response.”

But a source close to TR quoted,”He told us that ‘after the song has been viewed over a million times online, what is the point in removing my bits now?’ He also told us that he is hurt and it is not fair on their part to use his interviews in between the song and defame him. He feels that if he does not respond to this, then in future, everybody would start using his work as a tool for marketing their song. TR sir wants them to respond to his lawyer and not him.”

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