Akshara Haasan debuts in Kollywood with Sandakozhi 2

Akshara Haasan approached for Sandakozhi 2'
Actress Akshara Haasan, who was recently seen in R Balakrishnan aka Balki-directed "Shamitabh", has been approached to play the leading role in upcoming Tamil actioner "Sandakozhi 2".

After the failure of Anjaan, Lingusamy is busy in the script work of Sandakozhi sequel with Vishal in the lead. The latest we hear is that Akshara Haasan, the second daughter of Kamal Haasan is all set to debut in Tamil in the sequel to ‘Sandakozhi’ which will also be produced by N. Lingusamy.

"Talks have been initiated with Akshara, but there hasn't been any confirmation yet. The makers will wait for another couple of weeks to decide whether she will be part of the project or not," a source told.

In the past, Akshara was approached by filmmaker Mani Ratnam for his last Tamil directorial "Kadal", but she turned down the offer.

Post "Shamitabh", Akshara, who is the daughter of actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika, hasn't signed any project yet.


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