Dhanush is the reason behind Trisha - Varun break-up?

Dhanush Trisha
Trisha and Varun Manian who were profoundly in love until couple of weeks ago are at loggerheads now. According to reports they have called off their engagement and are not in talking terms right now.

Varun Manian didn't even spend time with Trisha on her birthday or not even a birthday wish and she has unfollowed him on Twitter the exact following day, proving that they have called it quits.

Why did Trisha and Varun separation within a span of few days when they have given it a serious thought for a considerable length of time to enter the wedlock and got ready for marriage?

After zillions of stories surfaced asserting to be the purpose for Trisha dissolving her engagement with Varun Manian, the new version has Dhanush's inclusion much to the surprise of numerous.

As per the most recent report, Dhanush, a great companion of Trisha who went to Trisha's engagement has in the long run turn into the primary explanation for the abundantly discussed separation.

It is accepted that Varun and Dhanush had a tiff in the past and hates each another. However Dhanush attended the party thrown by Trisha after her engagement. His presence at the party irked Varun Manian that he had a heated argument with Trisha in this regard. Varun asked her to stop talking to Dhanush and anybody that he doesn’t like.

When Varun's father intervened upon seeing the couple arguing over something, Trisha had reportedly asked her then future father in law not to intercede. Annoyed by Trisha's lack of respect towards his father, Varun is said to have decided to part ways and the couple were not seen together ever since.

Varun is extremely specific about who she hangs out with and used to whimper constantly. Trisha felt that she can't coexist with such an individual and bailed say the tattle mongers. Being an independent woman, Trisha didn’t like this domination and stopped talking to Varun, says the buzz. Trisha values her friends more than her family and always hangs around with them.

Recently, Trisha's mother opened up about the troubled engagement and has said that some popular names are involved in the entire saga and that it is best not to mention their names as it would unnecessarily hurt them. Though he cannot be the central reason, looks like Dhanush surely has had a major part to play in Trisha calling off her marriage with the entrepreneur.

We have to wait until Varun or Trisha give clarification about the breakup before drawing any conclusions.


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