Raghava Lawrence likes to cast Kovai Sarala in all 'Muni' franchise

Kovai Sarala
Kanchana 2 released on April 16th is a unanimous declared as blockbuster in Tamil Nadu already.

After 2 weeks of the release, Kanchana 2's Telugu dubbed version Ganga opened all over Andhra and Telangana on May 1. The delay seems to have had no effect whatsoever on Ganga. For a dubbed version, the response has been phenomenal too, despite the two week delay.

Kovai Sarala has been part of all the sequels of Raghava Lawrence’s Muni, Kanchana and Kanchana-2. Her comedy is well received by the audience, especially the children.

When asked about it Raghava Lawrence said that he always like Kovai Sarala and her way of speaking Tamil.

He also added that he would give her a role in all the sequels of Muni, he will be directing.


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