Simbu's touching speech on ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ audio launch

Simbu's touching speech on ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ audio launch
None expected that the audio launch of comedy caper ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ would turn to be moistening the eyes of many in tears.

It all happened when Young Superstar STR came for the occasion and spoke about his own sorrows.

“When I wanted to introduce Santhanam in Manmadhan, there were many strong objections over it, but I was so confident that he would definitely make a huge mark and today he has made it happen,” said STR and continued to express the sorrow and pain of his past two years uttering, “These two years has been a complete pain in my life. Right from my childhood, I had never experienced a day without money. I would give the money I earn through acting to my mother, but now feel so much hesitant to get money from them. I am hoping for the best things now. God has tested me with such difficulties and I have lived a normal man life in the two years losing money, luxury, love and almost everything of happiness.”

Everyone in the event was moved so much with his words…


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