Vadivelu’s Eli clears censor with 'U'
Vadivelu's next heroic movie 'Eli' has been censored today. Vadivelu’s Eli has passed through the censors with a clean U, confirm sources close to the unit.

The film went through the censor process and has been given a clean chit. 'Eli's is a perodic film which is set in late 60s and Vadivelu playing a undercover cop role in this movie.

Now, the filmmakers are working out on a suitable release date. According to sources, the makers of Eli have decided on June 12th as the release date but with Santhanam’s Inimey Ippadithaan also touted for release on the same date, there could be a change.

According to the director Yuvraj, Vadivelu’s character and body language is based on real ‘rat’, just like how rat tries which escapes from its enemies.

Vidyasagar has composed music for this comical movie after a long gap. Sadha plays Vadivel's love interest in this movie.


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