I feel guilty for Gautami, says Kamal Haasan

I feel guilty for Gautami Says Kamal Haasan
For not letting a good actress for a long time, I feel guilty for Gautami Says Kamal Haasan when addressing to press for Papanasam promotion.

He continued stating “I am saying this out of my personal interest as after 50% of Papanasam shoot got completed, I was awe of Gautami’s performance, where she has gone to a different level with this movie”.

The actor being atheist in real life also talked about MS Bhaskar who is seen in all his recent movies stating MS Bhaskar addresses me as ‘Kadavul (God)”, But you all know I don’t believe in God. I am letting him say that, as he probably means “Anbe Sivam”

The actor who was one of the earliest Hero to change his fan club to welfare club also stressed about wearing helmet as compulsory and also said, when we wear footwear to protect our foot, it is mandatory to protect our head with helmet.


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