#VijayTheCurseofCinema - An immature act of fans, sad for Tamil Cinema

Wonder why #VijayTheCurseofCinema trending on Twitter? If this is the question that came to your mind on checking out the popular social networking website early this morning, don’t be surprised.

It seems as if this is something started by the fans of his rival superstars after Vijay was getting birthday wishes before Twitter was flooded with messages and #VijayTheCurseofCinema.

Fans of Tamil cinema are known to take the fan following to a level matched by few across the world. But this was disappointing given that it was Vijay’s birthday. Vijay, primarily an actor, also does playback singing and has worked as a producer. Vijay was listed #41 in Forbes India’s “Celebrity 100 List” for the year 2014, eight spots better than the year before. Here are some of the top tweets of the day with #VijayTheCurseofCinema
Even as celebrities across India have pleaded not to wage an online battle in the name of two top stars, fans have begun to troll Vijay on his birthday with an anti tag #VijayTheCurseOfCinema.

Surprisingly, the anti tag is trending all over India as fans are determined to spoil the birthday celebrations of Ilayathalapathy Vijay. Making fun of his allegedly flying abilities in Puli's teaser, fans are keeping themselves busy by making photo collages and funny one liners involving Vijay and other actors.

Though a few are making efforts to pacify this hatred towards the Kaththi actor by requesting fans to stop this kind of brutal trolling, they are clearly being outnumbered by fans supporting this immature act.

Recently, pan India actors like Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan had requested fans to stop spreading hatred online. Suriya too had retweeted Salman's message and had requested his fans not to support trolling of other stars.

Despite the efforts taken by prominent cinema personalities, fans are continuing to make fun of stars in the name of trolling which is a matter of great concern.

Vijay’s upcoming film Puli’s trailer was released yesterday and it took less than a day to go past the one million mark on Youtube. Yet, it couldn’t stop his detractors from taking potshots at him. Sad day for Tamil Cinema and fan-following.


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