Khushbu says she is seniour to Karan Johar

A lot of thought has gone into actress Khushbu’s talk show. Simply Khushbu is a show where you get to see the different side of your favourite actor.

“All the co-stars, colleagues know that I am a fun-loving person, which helps me in having a heart-to heart talk with them,” says Khushbu. On comparing the show to director Karan Johar’s popular television programme, she says, “I came into television even before he did. Moreover, actors in Bollywood want to host shows and they come on TV to promote their upcoming movies. They are forthcoming and are open about their work and relationships. But people here have restrictions and hesitate to come on TV,” she says.

Talking about her journey in small screen, she says, “We don’t follow written scripts. We have casual conversations and are expected to bring the best out of the guests. I had a made a conscious decision to move to television because I wanted to spend more time with my children and family. TV allows me to be myself — be it Jackpot or Maanada Mayilada.”

Khushbu’s styling is also another aspect that is always noticed and popular with the masses. The actress laughs, “We have consciously made a decision to keep my dressing simple. I will be wearing some bright saris, but I have paired it with simple blouses. My saris are something people can wear even at home,” she says.


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