Ajith's Vedalam team under the gun

Ajith Kumar's most expected Vedalam is getting ready for a big bang release on Diwali.

While the buzz is still on about the trailer and everything, we hear from the close sources that the post-production team is under heavy pressure of having day and night works.

Since there are lots of works involved in the post-production works, Anirudh on one end is constantly working on rerecording and VFX team is under such situations of turning insomniac.

The producers by all means want to release the movie by Diwali and this has exerted more pressure on the team. In fact, the team is feeling so much hectic to balance between the full length theatrical version and trailer works as well.

This afternoon, an official announcement on the trailer launch will be made by 3 p.m. and this will give us an evidence on what's going to be happen.


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