Arulnidhi & Arivazhagan teams up for 'Aaraadhu Sinam'

Arulnidhi & Arivazhagan teams up for 'Aaraadhu Sinam'
The news is little known among the industry but Arulnidhi is actually working on a Malayalam remake movie.

The original film is 'Memories' starring Prithviraj in the lead role and is directed by Jeethu Joseph in Malayalam. It is a brilliant cop story in which a drunken police officer investigates the mysterious death of young men in a row.

It has been officially titled in Tamil as 'Aaraadhu Sinam'. The film is directed by Arivazhagan, the maker of the hit film 'Eeram'. He was in a long break and didn't had any movies in recent times except for 'Vallinam'.

'Aaraadhu Sinam' could become another milestone movie for Arulnidhi after his Demonte Colony. The movie has Aishwarya Rajesh and Aishwarya Dutta in the lead. It has camera by Arvinnd Singh who did Arulnidh's horror movie.


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