Nadigar Sangam election issue: Simbu trashes Vishal

With the Nadigar Sangam election set to happen in October 18th, actor Simbu thrashed Vishal of the Pandavar Ani yesterday.

The upcoming Nadigar Sangam election in the Tamil Film industry has turned ugly. On Wednesday, a press conference was held by some members of the Sarathkumar faction, which included his wife Radhikaa, Simbu, Urvashi, Bhagyaraj and his wife Poornima.

The whole purpose of the press meet was allegedly to seek a compromise with the Vishal faction or Pandavar Ani. However, speaking at a press conference, Simbu severely in his criticized Vishal. Simbu attacked Vishal saying he blame for the division in the Nadigar Sangam. The young star went on to accuse Vishal of splitting the Nadigar Sangam because of his personal issue with Sarathkumar. He added that Vishal had broken up the unity within the actors’ and he was solely responsible for the issues now.

An emotionally angry Simbu said, "I have been in this industry since I was a 9 months old child and I will not tolerate someone new coming in and breaking the cinema family. I won't be quiet watching all this.

Referring to Vishal's objection to leasing the Nadigar Sangam building out to SPI cinemas to construct a theatre among others, Simbu questioned if Vishal could make a career in films without theatres. Responding to Vishal's argument of there are schools in the locality, Simbu asked, "Is theatre a TASMAC (liquor) shop?... If a theatre can't come up there, what else should be built there? A bar or a club? ...Will a true cinema-loving theatre owner ever screen a film of yours tomorrow?"

Radhikaa also spoke stating that the enmity that began between Vishal and Sarathkumar during the days of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) had snowballed. She alleged that Vishal had confronted Sarathkumar disrespectfully in Dubai during the CCL.

The press at one point wanted to stage a walk-out because there were many fans of Simbu who were present at the press meet and heckling the journalists. Actor Vishal for his part clearly stated that the Nadigar Sangam elections will take place on October 18.

Video Source: IG (Youtube)


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