Now Karthi quits Mani Rathinam’s film

Now Karthi quits Mani Rathinam’s film
Karthi has quit Mani Rathinam’s film because of date problems. Pre-production works for Mani Rathinam’s new film are going on in rapid pace.

Karthi, Dulquer Salman and Kirthi Suresh were signed for the film. After this Nithya Menon was also signed for the film.

Mani Rathinam decided to produce this film in Tamil and Telugu. Since Dulquer Salman quit the film due to callsheet problems, Mani Rathinam signed Telugu actor Nani for the lead role. He is also holding talks with a Telugu producer to produce the Telugu version. Last week Kirthi Suresh also quit this film.

At this juncture, Karthi all of a sudden quit the film. Karthi had earlier worked as an assistant to Mani Rathinam. Since he did not want to miss the opportunity to act in his film, Karthi gave his nod.

Mani Rathinam decided to commence the shooting during the month of January but Karthi was not able to adjust the dates for January because he is acting in high budgeted films like Thozha and Kashmoro.

So Karthi phoned up Mani Rathinam and explained his plight and quit the film. Now talks are being held with Fahad Fazil for this role. The production house says that he may be signed if there are no callsheet problems.

A R Rahman will be composing the music for the film while Ravivarman will handle the camera.


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