Radhika reacts to 'Pandavar Ani' victory

Radhika reacts to 'Pandavar Ani' victory
It's been a day since the Nadigar Sangam election results came out. Vishal headed 'Pandavar Ani' were on cloud nine for their clean sweep in Nadigar Sagam election.

Former Nadigar Sangam president actor Sarath Kumar arranged a press meet yesterday and revealed that he cancelled the controversial aggrement with SPI Cinemas on September month itself and and he wanted to announce it only after the election because Pandavar Ani team headed by Vishal and Nassar would have claimed it as their first victory. Sarathkumar congratulated Nasser and his team and assured that he was ready to help the new body whenever his assistance was needed.

Meanwhile Radhika Sarathkumar has reacted about this press meet and claimed this is empty victory. Radhika tweeted “Hang ur heads in shame for the false accusation friends. Proud of you Sarath #empty victory”.


  1. Dear radhika your face&acting is very nice

  2. Siva Kumar sir, which language you spoke to earn money & fame ? Thamil/Tamil

    Which language Rajini Kanth sir spoke to earn m9ney & fame ? Thamil/Tamil

    If so why you allegedly say (per YouTube posting) Tamil/ Thamil did not put"food on the table"?

    Do you know why they say it s mother tongue ? Since its given at birth by person's mother, thus its equivalent to respecting person's own mother.

    Speaking in English is like using "currency for trading / living" (simply its a medium of exchange).

    SO "MOTHER TONGUE" IS ESSENTiALLY ITS YOU AND EVERYTHING ELSE (other languages you learn) IS "SIMPLY A COMMUNICATION TOOLS (LIKE PHONE OR CURRENCY). We Indiand trade in "other currencies" (foreign exchange but still our currency is Rupees).

  3. Hon. Sidharth (Boys movie actor) is the BEST HUMAN BEING and the world Tamil audience likes his handsome look and best acting (including his excellent dancing). We consider you as the REAL super star (good human being + excellent actor).

  4. Small Tamil population, but big contribution to India & the world:
    Two of many examples;
    E.g. 1) Hon.Dr. Abdul Kalam - First indegeneous Surface to surface Missile to India.
    E.g.2) E-mail invention by Hon. Shiva Appadurai (Tamil American).

    Tamilians are very constructive & achievers community (with their usual humbleness intact).

    Now they are coming up (getting noted) in "show business" (Hollywood) e.g. Hon.A.R.Rahaman, Hon.M.I.A. (she sang with Hon. Madonna on American Superbowl),Hon.Ansari in American comedy world and so on....


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