Those winning moments of 'Pandavar Ani'

Those winning moments of 'Pandavar Ani'
The entire team of Pandavar Ani has been celebrating the most fascinating moments in their lives.
Finally, several months of hard work, sleeplessness and sincerity has yielded them the finest results by the midnight, where the crackers were burst and the joy was spread with sweets and smiles. Well, the vote counts and statistics might be the picture of every media channel, but we have something special for you that even turned our eyes moistened with tears of joy to see the youngsters reap the harvest.

The announcement was made in such a way that Vishal was declared winner and it was later other winners were unveiled.
  1. As soon as the announcement of Karthi as the winner was announcement, he rushed happily towards Vishal hailing, howling and shouting. Vishal instantly lifted him up and turned in circle with unlimited happiness.

  2. When Nasser came to address the media channels, he pointed Vishal and Karthi as the main reasons behind success. It was so nice to see him pinch Vishal’s cheeks and kiss him for being a great support. “There were times, when I was more frightened about the proceedings and at times, when I was broken down, Vishal, Karthi and others gave me complete energy and encouragement to continue the journey…”
  3. Karthi was so much energetic that when Vishal and Nasser said that we want to celebrate the moment first and later start off the agendas. But Karthi was enthusiastic enough to kick-start his motto instantly and addressed about their plans. During this time, Vishal had the rose petals showered on him as it happens for a groom at wedding ceremony.


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