‘Baahubali’ cinematographer expresses dissatisfcation on graphics work

‘Baahubali’ cinematographer expresses dissatisfcation on graphics work
K K Senthil Kumar, who wielded the camera for ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’, has expressed dissatisfcation over the movie’s computer graphics works.

 This has come as a shock to many, as visual effects in the flick won widespread appreciation.

Speaking on the sidelines of IFFI in Goa, Senthil said, “As a DOP, I am disappointed by a lot of things in ‘Baahubali’. There are so many scenes where there were keying mistakes, which made the CGI look fake. There were issues related to the depth of field, there are motion blurs.”

“So we are trying to rectify this problem in the second film. I hope it get a slicker image,” Senthil said, adding: “I didn’t expect the first film to be so successful. Now the real challenge is to take it to the next level.”

Spilling some interesting and important details on the film, he said, ” the first part was just the introduction. The second part is really the core story. Ultimately, cinema is about the emotional content and about storytelling.”


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