Puli team sorts out issue with Sridevi

It’s a happy ending for the war of words between Sridevi and the producers of ‘Puli’, as the two have amicably sorted out issues arised due to the alleged ‘non-payment of remuneration’ to the actress.

“We have amicably sorted the issue, reaching an understanding that will benefit both the parties. We have immense respect for Sridevi madam and we did not want this issue to be blown out of proportion,” said Shibu Thameens, one of the producers of ‘Puli’.

A couple of days ago, after Sridevi lodged a complaint with the Producers Council against the makers of Vijay-starrer ‘Puli’ alleging that they failed to pay her remuneration fully, SKT Studios, the production house which made the film, came out with allegations against the actress.

In a four-page statement, SKT Studios said, “when we signed her for the movie, we had agreed to pay her a remuneration of Rs 2.7 crore, along with Rs 30 lakh as service tax.”

“But when the movie was in its final stages of production, Boney Kapoor made a demand- if ‘Puli’ was being dubbed in other languages, she needed to be paid extra. None of the others had asked for extra payment. Boney Kapoor insisted that Sridevi would come for the shoot only if she was paid extra,” the production house said.

Following this, we gave Sridevi satellite rights of 20 per cent for the Hindi dubbed version of the film and Rs 15 lakh for the dubbed version in Telugu. The Tamil Film Producers Council was angry with the decision since this was a diversion from their norms.

“The Hindi satellite rights were sold to one Manish and Boney Kapoor took 15 per cent of the payment (Rs 55 lakh) from Manish. We had cleared Sridevi’s entire payment and it is she who now owes us Rs 20 lakh.”

“Boney Kapoor even allegedly told them that Sridevi had a good market in Hindi and it was upon his word that we spent Rs one crore and released the film in Hindi. We did not get a single penny for releasing the film in Hindi,” it said.

SKT Studios also said that though they had hired three costume designers for ‘Puli’, Sridevi wanted designer Manish Malhotra for her costumes and that they ended up paying Rs 50 lakh to him. She also wanted a marketing designer for the film in Hindi and we had to pay Rs eight lakh to the designer.

“Like this, we have spent crores more than what was committed originally. But Sridevi did not even come for the audio release of the Hindi and Telugu versions of the film. As we faced huge losses apart from income tax raids and other issues, Vijay, Shruti Haasan and Sudeep came forward to cut a part of their salaries. But Sridevi is asking more.


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