Trisha’s touching thoughts

With the whole world mourning for the victims of Paris IS attack, Trisha has shared a touching and thought provoking poem on her microblogging page, which worries for victims in other parts too.Penned by Karuna Ezara Parikh, an Indian origin blogger, the poem shared by Trisha is making waves on the social media.

“It is not Paris we should pray for. It is the world. It is a world in which Beirut, reeling from bombings two days before Paris, not covered in the press,” the poem says.

It further states: “A world in which a bomb goes off at a funeral in Baghdad and not one person’s status update says “Baghdad”, because not one white person died in that fire. Pray for the world that blames a refugee crisis for a terrorist attack.” “That does not pause to differentiate between the attacker and the person running from the very same thing you are. Pray for a world where people are walking across countries for months, their only belongings upon their back, are told they have no place to go,” it adds.

“Say a prayer for Paris by all means, but pray more, for the world that does not have a prayer for those who no longer have a home to defend. For a world that is falling apart in all corners, and not simply in the towers and cafes we find so similar,” concludes the poem.


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