Vairamuthu appears in High Court

Veteran lyricist Vairamuthu appeared in the Madras High Court today, in connection with a case against his his alleged remarks about judges, when he spoke at a function held in Chennai recently.

When the case came up for hearing today, Vairamuthu appeared before Judges R Sudhakar and P N Prakash. The Judges transfered the case to the first bench chaired by the Chief Justice.

According to the petitioner S Mukanchand Bothra, at late Justice P S Kailasm's centenary celebrations at T Nagar in Chennai on September 12, Vairamuthu delivered the objectionable speech in the presence of Chief Justice of Madras High Court Sanjay Kishan Kaul, actor Rajinikanth and others, including former union Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

“In his speech, Vairamuthu said even honest judges tended to be less honest towards the end of their career. If judges got corrupt, it would spell doom for the country. Just as judiciary is watching the society, the society is also watching the judiciary, he said,” Bothra stated.

“Such wild statements cast a slur on judges and brings down the dignity of courts and judges and question integrity of judges,” the petition said.

The impression one gets from such a statement is that all the judges are corrupt towards the end of their term, Bothra alleged.


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