P.C.Sreeram upset about no National Award for Vikram

P.C.Sreeram upset about no National Award for Vikram
Within minutes of the 63rd National Awards being announced, fans across the world expressed their joy that their favourite actors and technicians had been chosen for the honour.
However, there was also disappointment that the efforts of certain artistes were not recognised.

A large section of Kollywood movie buffs and film fraternity members were expecting that the award for Best Actor will be given to Chiyaan Vikram's spellbinding performance in director Shankar's 'I' for which he had put lots of efforts to bring out the film well.

Unfortunately Vikram’s name was not in the list which has disappointed many in the Kollywood industry. On learning that Vikram’s efforts had gone unrecognised, several fans expressed their disappointment.

P.C.Sreeram has expressed his disappointment through his twitter that,
“No award for vikram (kenny) sorry the nation awards many times misses its point. Its not vikrams loss its
loss to the national awards”.


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