Director Bala's stand on ‘Kutra Parambarai’

Director Bala
Director Bala convened a press meet in Chennai on Friday evening, during which he said his forthcoming film is not ‘Kutra Parambarai‘ as alleged by some, especially veteran Bharathiraja.

“I have not yet named the movie yet. Mine is totally different from theirs,” he said, adding: “Let them take their movie, and I will take mine. I urge them not to talk ill of me anymore,” he said.

On Sunday last, armed by police personnel, Bharathiraja commenced his dream project ‘Kutra Parambarai’. While the film deals with a controversial subject, the ‘Iyakkunar Imayam’ was involved in a tiff with director Bala, as the latter too reportedly wanted to do the same subject.

Hitting out at Bala, Bharathiraja said, “It is my dream project and everyone in the industry knows it. How can he do this.”

Stating that he had immediately telephoned Bala as soon as he came to know about his attempts to make ‘Kutra Parambarai’, Bharathiraja said the ‘Sethu’ and ‘Thaara Thappattai’ maker was unable to answer his questions.

“Kutra Parambarai is about the pain underwent for generations by my forefathers. Only I can do justice to it. No one else can. Don’t claim ownership for someone else’s hard work and dream,” he said.


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