Few theatres not screening 'Theri' due to ticket price disputes with distributors

This is because of the disputes between the exhibitors and distributors. The exhibitors of Chennai, Chengalpattu along with the single and double theatres managements are stepping back denying the screening of the film.

The High Court of Madras recently gave a strong decision on hike of ticket prices and this made exhibitors angry. As a result, they are now showing no interest in exhibiting the film. They wanted the issue to be solved and are expecting the discussions with distributors regarding the already made agreement about the ticket prices.

This is not the first time that Vijay is facing problems before release. In the past, he encountered the same for the films like Thalaiva and Puli. Meanwhile, some of the exhibitors kept a vigilance on theatres who are going over board by selling the tickets for hiked prices. The government also set a telephone line for receiving the complaints from common men on the same. The only fear for exhibitors is that they may fell into losses if they sell tickets without hikes.

On the other side, the multiplexes have started advance bookings but the issues is with single screen theatres alone. Already producers are looking into this aspect and let us hope that the problem gets resolved soon.


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