Prasanna and Sonia Agarwal part of Santhanam’s next

Prasanna and Sonia Agarwal
Prasanna and Sonia Agarwal will be doing cameo roles in Santhanam’s upcoming heroic venture ‘Server Sundaram’, which is growing fast in various parts of India.

According to sources, besides Prasanna and Sonia, some of the city’s socialites were also roped in for the particular scene, which is about a midnight party. Remember Santhanam is playing a star hotel chef in this flick.

An exotic island in Goa has been hired for shooting some prominent sequences of ‘Server Sundaram’. Besides, shoot was conducted in other places such as Chennai, Goa and Thanjavur.

“Santhanam will be seen in a much exceptional role as chef. The costume designers are imbued with great ardour on crafting exotic attires for Santhanam, which will be an additional cherry pick,” a press statement said recently.

The movie is directed by Anand Balki. The title of the flick was inspired from a yesteryear classic starring the legendary Nagesh in the lead, it may be noted.


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