Rajnikanth fans protest against Vijayakanth

Rajnikanth fans protest against Vijayakanth
Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) chief Vijayakanth's comment has angered Superstar Rajinikanth fans because he allegedly made a controversial remarks on the superstar at an election rally in Villivalkam.

While addressing the PWA campaign rally at Villivalkam on late Friday evening the DMDK Chief said, “Vijayakanth is not afraid of anybody. Vijayakanth is afraid of only good people with good hearts. I will not withdraw like Rajnikanth. He will stay away from unnecessary fights.”

The Captain's boasting evoked Rajini's fans who burnt the chief’s effigies at Menambal Nagar, Kodungaiyur in North Chennai.

Despite not being associated with any political party, superstar Rajinikanth's name gets dragged during every poll season in Tamil Nadu. This time Vijayakanth has hit out at Rajinikanth for not being a Tamilian and also for not being bold enough to confront politicians.

"You call him Tamizhan, Tamizhan! You know who cut his films? Ramadoss. But when it comes to my films, I am fearless," said Vijayakanth. Referring to his movie Gajendra, he said PMK leader Ramaoss asked me to remove a song in my film.

I did not accept his (Ramadoss) request. My film got released with the song. But Rajinikanth did whatever he (Ramadoss) said, he said referring to Rajinikanth stopping smoking scenes in his films following a request from Ramadoss. He then went on to praise Rajnikanth for his "heart being in the right place."


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