Ram Gopal Varma slams Rajini fans, calls them ‘dumb’

Ram Gopal Varma slams Rajini fans
Even as his earlier tweet challenging the psychiatrists of the world to decipher “Rajni Phenomenon” did not go down well with the Superstar’s fans, director Ram Gopal Varma has now come out a fresh series of posts on his microblogging page, in which he called Rajini fans as ‘dumb’.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma says fans of Rajinikanth will "kill" him if he tries to make a movie with him, after the director tweeted as to how can "somebody with his looks" become a superstar.

Varma, in a series of tweets on Sunday, wondered how can someone with looks of the Tamil actor become a superstar.

“All u dumb Rajni fans who are abusing me shud realise that I saw Rajni sirs flop films many more times than even my own hit films,” he stated.

RGV went on to add: “The way they are misunderstanding my tweets,Rajni Sir’s fans seem to be more dumber than Power Star’s (Telugu hero Pawan Kalyan) fans..Jai Rajni and Jai Power Star.”

He also justified his earlier tweets by saying: “Dumb fans of Rajni who dint realise my tweets r compliment shud realise Rajni himself makes fun of himself”.

And this was that tweet by RGV a few days ago which triggered the anger of Rajini fans: “He is a bad looker,doesn’t have 6 packs ,short with a disproportionate body n knows just 2 nd half dance movements.”

His tweets were met with extreme reactions from the fans who took offence over his views.

"I think some of those Rajini fans are so dumb they didn't even understand I was complementing him. If a very handsome man becomes a big star what's the big deal, it happens all the time. But Rajinikanth looking (like) that becomes a big star.. that is a compliment," Varma told reporters.

"God favours him much more than anyone else. That's what I meant. But dumb guys didn't understand," he added.

Varma was speaking at the trailer launch of his upcoming Hindi film "Verrappan".

When asked if he would make a film with the "Linga" star in the future, the "Satya" director said, "I think Rajini fans will kill me if I make a film now. So unless all those dumb guys go, I am not going to go there."

Actress Amy Jackson had tweeted a picture of herself and Rajinikanth earlier, saying...

To which, Varma began a series of tweet writing, "This man by being the biggest star ever completely destroys the notion of looks being important for stardom... He is a bad looker, doesn't have 6 packs, short with a disproportionate body and knows just second half dance movements," he had tweeted.

"Nowhere in world a man who looks like this can be SuperStar. I wonder what he did to God that God did this to him," the filmmaker had tweeted last night


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