Fans start Thala B'day celebrations in advance; #ThalaAJITHBdayGalaCDP sets new record in twitter

Ajith has reportedly asked his fans not to celebrate his birthday this year, keeping in mind the Coronavirus outbreak. But Thala Ajith fans did not get any chill! Netizens of the South are already trending up their birthdays on the Internet.

Ajith is one of the top actors in the Tamil film industry, and the star has an enormous fan following. Ajith does not attend any film events, and he is always away from the public eye. Even though the actor has dismantled his fan clubs but the love the fans have for him has never reduced.

Ajith with a huge fan base, every picture, video, song and of course the film is celebrated as a festival by their fan clubs. Now, as he is turning 49 this Friday, his fans have started creating a customary 'common DP', which all fans are willing to use on social media! Thala Ajith made huge donations to the PM for Relief Fund, CM Relief Fund and FEFSI; Trend of fans on Twitter #PerfectCitizenThalaAJITH

While Ajith's fan clubs requested Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Aadhav Kannadasan to release a poster from the actor's upcoming film so that it can be used on Twitter as a common display image, the duo told the fans that Ajith did not want to celebrate his birthday this year.

Actress Nidhi Aggarwal shared a picture of the superstar saying that she is 'happy to launch'. The close-up photo of the actor in the backdrop of orange, amidst a sea of ​​crowds is now his most shared photo for the day. See the tweet below.

Ajith fans have tweeted over 5 million tweets with the hashtag #ThalaAJITHBdayGalaCDP and continue to be at the number one trending spot for almost more than 24 hours. Fans have been sharing fabulous moments, favourite films, special posters and fan-made videos praising the 'Valimai' actor Ajith. This 5 million tweet sets All-Time Record for hightest number of tweets in Twitter History and fans didn't stop yet.


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