Is Rajini loosing his stardom?

The lockdown and its further extension have shut individuals inside their homes with a greater part of them turning towards films and Series on TV Channels and digital streaming platforms.

The media organizations are additionally investigating every possibility, to engage the crowd and increase benefit through streaming and broadcast. Remember, from April 11 to April 17 Sun TV broadcasted films like Darbar, Kanchana 3, Seemaraja, Thimiru Pudichavan, and Iruttu.

Looking at the TRP rattings, Darbar Well, didn't impress the mini-screen audience, as in the TRP race, Kanchana 3 topped the impression list.

Here is the list:
  1. Kanchana 3 - 15184000
  2. Darbar - 14593000
  3. Seema Raja - 13456000
  4. Thimiru Pudichavan - 13109000
  5. Iruttu - 12569000

Kanchana 3 has also gained another title of becoming one of the two movies to receive 15 Million+ television impressions in repeat telecasts.

Also going by the top 5 Tamil movie premiere TV impressions, Darbarhas failed to gain a spot on the list. Here are the top 5 who scored high at the world television premiere.

  1. Viswasam - 18143000
  2. Pichaikkaran - 17696000
  3. Sarkar - 16906000
  4. Seema Raja - 16766000
  5. Bigil - 16473000

Rajinikanth is an ever-present actor of Tamil cinema. Recently, however, actors Ajith and Vijay's development and fan base have shaken up Rajini's number one spot. Vijay and Rajini in particular are competing in all areas.

Darbar rating was a shock to everyone. What's more shocking is that Darbar lost to Sivakarthikeyan's Seemaraja in Top 5 Premieres.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s last film Darbar, directed by A.R.Murugadoss released in theaters earlier this year for Pongal turned to be a average run. The film was bashed for its unimaginative storyline and daft direction. The film however showed Rajinikanth very well and he entertained the audiences as much as he could.


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