Suriya extends his full support for Jothika's speech

Suriya, Jothika,
Jyothika's speech about donating to hospitals the way we donate to temples became controversial few days back. She made a speech at a popular private awards ceremony held a few months ago. The event was recently telecast on television.

Jyothika while receiving the award a few months back had expressed that when she was shooting for a film in Thanjavur (Jyothika-Sasikumar film) she found that the Bragadeeshwar temple there is maintained like a palace which is great but at the same time a hospital was in pathetic condition and people and the government should donate to maintain it better.

Several celebrities including S.Ve.Sekhar and Gayathri Raghuraman slammed Jyothika and others have joined in trolling her for her sensible observations.

Actor-producer Suriya on Tuesday expressed his full support to wife Jyotika’s old statement, which has become a point of discussion on social media of late. He also slammed those who treat her comments as “some sort of crime.”

Suriya has shot out a letter in support of his wife and has slammed the critics of the speech as ignorant and ill read of the doctrines of elders.

Suriya in his letter in Tamil has stated "Even if the tree stands still the winds will not allow it and accordingly, the social media debates are fanning an issue of a speech that Jyothika made much earlier. Some are seeing as a crime that Jyothika insisted on seeing schools and hospitals on par with temples. The same opinion was maintained by spiritual leaders such as Swami Vivekananda. Thirumoolar had maintained in ancient times that serving the people is the perfect offering to the gods but the ignorant and ill read trolls would not have read them".

Suriya has added that people of all religions are welcoming the thought that schools and hospitals should be respected equal to religious places and that is showing in their support to Jyothika even in the times of the coronavirus pandemic. He has asserted that the family is firm on the opinion aired in the speech which is based on the teachings of the elders and spiritual leaders. The mass hero also informed that he and his wife are teaching their children that Humanity is more important than religion.

Suriya thanked all those unknown people who supported them when the trolls were working over time and misconstruing the speech with malicious intent and character assassinations. He also pointed out that the media is reporting the issue correctly and it all gives him the confidence good intentions will reap good deeds.


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