Tamannah poses wearing a pillow #PillowChallenge

With the coronavirus continuing to turn familiar rhythms of life, having schools closed, lakhs out of work and crores stuck at home, those looking for ways to spend the time.

People are turning to social media challenges and some bring together families for choreographed dance routines while others spark the inner artist or unlock hidden engineering skills. Some of the challenges sweeping the world amid the lockdown are #FliptheSwitch #DontRushChallenge #PillowChallenge #BinIsolationOuting #BetweenArtandQuarantine #TrickShot etc

Actress Tamannaah Bhatia recently took part in the ongoing viral #pillowChallenge. The Pillow Challenge is one of the viral trends doing the rounds during the global COVID-19 lockdown. Tamannah took up the challenge and posed off covering her private parts with a pillow and wrapped it up with a stylish Gucci double G belt. Not only she looked super sensuous in her pillow attire, but she is kind of teasing with her red lipstick on the top and pointed heels on the bottom.

"I'm off to club bed featuring DJ pillow and MC blanket! #feelingfancybutnowheretogo #weekendvibes #quarantinePillowchallenge #pillowchallenge," she captioned the post.


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